Customized Steel Stamps for Any Need

Illinois Engraving & Mfg can create customized steel stamps for all of your stamping needs. They will be engraved exactly to your specifications and created from the highest quality materials. Some common uses include stamping serial numbers, dates, or part numbers.

Steel stamps are useful for marking metal as well as date coding paper products in the packaging industry. Your steel stamps will be machined and ground per your exact specifications. Whether you need letters, numbers, logos, special designs or a combination of any of those things, our experts can create the customized steel stamps that fit any of your needs.

The steel used is the highest grade of available tool steel and then hardened to provide you with maximum tool life. You won’t need to replace the steel stamps from us often, and they will provide many impressions throughout their useful life.

We can also make custom holders for your steel stamps. The holder can be designed to mark by hand or machine on a flat or irregular surface. All holders are accurately machined and created to fit your steel stamps. The holders are also heat treated to insure a long life and accuracy.

Please visit Illinois Engraving & Mfg today to let us know how we can create the perfect customized steel stamps for you!