D-2 Air Hardening Tool Steel For Steel Stamps


There are several key mechanical properties steel stamps must possess to make them suitable for a given application. The tool steel from which the stamp is manufactured must have specific hardness, heat resistance, toughness and wear resistance in the final heat-treated product. The most important element in an alloy steel is the carbon. It provides the essential hardness in the tool steel and adds the necessary attribute of wear resistance.

D-2 Tool Steel for Added Strength

D-2 air hardening tool steels are used in applications where greater tensile strength is required. This is the amount of stress or pulling force the metal can withstand before the tool becomes permanently distorted in shape. In marking tools the ability of the tool steel to maintain its integrity and its resiliency is critical. It represents the ability of the steel stamps to mark with precision over a long lasting service life for more intensive applications. These typically involve increased tensile strength metals such as stainless steel.

The heat treat temperature for D-2 air hardening tool steel is 1600-1650 °F and it is has a hardness of Rockwell 60c-62c. It has high resistance to wear and tear with reduced distortion. It is ideal for tools that must have long lasting durability. It includes the following elements:

  • Carbon 1.55 %
  • Chromium 12.00%
  • Molybdenum 0.80%
  • Vanadium 0.90%

The high level of chrome (12%) along with the high volume of high carbides in the steel matrix makes this tool steel strongly impervious to abrasion and deterioration. It is offers dimensional integrity or stability and has high compressive strength or is not easily crushed by pushing forces.

D-2 steel has a high level of carbon for strength and hardness. The very high level of chrome greatly improves its hardenability, toughness and resistance to wear. The molybdenum increases the deep hardening nature of the steel and helps to cut down on the costs, being less expensive then tungsten. The vanadium improves the overall quality of the steel’s carbide structure and develops its forgeability.

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