High Quality Tool Steel for Steel Stamps


Illinois Engraving is highly reputed for excellent craftsmanship and precision results for designing custom steel stamps. We use only the best quality tool steel to manufacture your steel stamps to produce the final product most suitable to your particular applications. Our goal is to increase the quality and value of your final products and minimize costs incurred in your manufacturing process due to tooling break downs.

Tool Steels for Strength and Durability

During the manufacturing process we use combinations of carbon and alloy steels that are ideal for their distinctive hardness, ability to hold an edge and resistance to abrasion, wear and tear. They also have the ability to maintain the integrity of the steel stamps even under elevated temperatures.

We use only tool steels that have been produced under stringently controlled conditions to produce the superior raw material needed for creating the accuracy and hardness required. The carbon content is generally held between 0.7% and 1.4%.

For certain tool steels, in order to reduce the potential for cracking during hardening and to increase the toughness various alloy metals are combined with iron. We use better quality tool steels that are appropriate for oil quenching (oil hardening 0-1) since these are generally appropriate for hand stamps and steel stamps.

Accommodating Tougher Marking Applications

We also use various grades of air-hardening grades of steel (A-2, D-2, M-2, M-4) for your tougher marking needs. The M grades of tool steel are best for stamping products where the hardness and strength must endure when temperatures exceed 760 °C (1,400 °F).

Where the stamp is going to be used in a forging process we use hot-working grades of steel (H-13). This type of steel can withstand prolonged exposure to very high temperatures. It is made with a significant level of carbide forming alloys with 5% chromium content. We also use other special purpose grades or powered metals such as CPM 10V or CPM 15V for custom applications.

Solid Background Serving the Custom Engraving Industry

Illinois Engraving is proud of our 79 years of service in the industry specializing in custom engraved steel stamps manufactured exactly to your specifications. We employ the latest in engraving technologies including CAD/CAM, CNC, and Plunge EDM to expedite your order quickly and accurately. Please call us today at 1-800-528-2050 to order your custom steel stamps.