Steel Stamps for All Applications

At Illinois Engraving, our customers look for steel stamps with a long lasting cutting edge that creates a precision impression every time. Our stamps can be custom designed or made to reproduce your artwork with perfect accuracy. They can maintain their cutting edge under the stress of unremitting hammering. We manufacture steel stamps to suit all manufacturing applications with absolute precision:

• Minimal stress stamps are for highly sensitive products such as pressurized containers, electrical components or parts for the aeronautical industry, where microscopic fractures must be avoided.
• Roll dies are shaped like a donut to mark flat, concave or convex surfaces and can mark flat or cylindrical products. They can be used for bar marking or marking tubular metal as well as leather and hot stamping plastic products.
• Hot stamps are typically made from brass or tool steel alloys and are used in hot stamping machines. They can be used in conjunction with hot stamping foils to add color to the product marking for a logo or any variety of text or numbers.
• When you need a raised image we create steel stamps for embossing. The embossing die set is meant to be used in a press. We make these according to your specifications and we can reproduce your artwork accurately.
• Hand steel stamps are best used with a mallet for marking wood, steel, leather, plastic or jewelry.
• Hand held inspection stamps are also used with a mallet to produce a clear impression for professional applications. They are manufactured from high speed steel or metal alloy tool steel.
• If you need to mark your products with your company name, serial numbers or patent numbers for example, alphabet stamps are available in sets with uppercase and lowercase letters. You can also get them in kits with numbers and symbols.

We machine grind our steel type stamps to fit any holder and we are able to accurately reproduce special designs or more than one letter. These steel stamps can be used to mark metal or for date coding paper and plastic products. We use the finest grade of tool steel for maximum life and perfect alignment. Our steel type holders are used for marking irregular or flat surfaces and single or multiple line marking. The type holders are heat treated to ensure a uniform impression depth. Contact Illinois Engraving today at 1.800.528.2050 to place your order for custom steel stamps.