Steel Stamps for American Products

Many U.S. citizens are concerned about buying products that are made in America to help boost the economy and cut back on the number of lost jobs in the country. One of the concerns when buying products made in our own country is the ability to identify U.S. made products as opposed to products imported from foreign countries. Steel stamps are used to put identification marks on parts and products that show the name of the manufacturer. In some cases it is evident when we see a company brand name or logo stamped on a product that ii originated in the U.S., but in others we may need to research the company and make sure an American company is not having parts manufactured overseas.

Most American consumers are taking the time to get the education they need to purchase items that support the local and national economy. The number of jobs being lost and decrease of salaries has hit a crisis proportion and this is one way consumers can make an impactful difference at a grass roots level. Using steel stamps to identify items manufactured on home soil eliminates the guess work when it comes down to making a purchase.

We are aware of the need to support a local economy as well as to support a healthy international trade and exchange of goods. Our steel stamps add a superior touch to products and parts that make them stand out above the rest. Contact us today for help with your steel stamps for product identification and branding.