Steel Stamps for Architectural Ironwork


The techniques involved in contemporary architectural ironwork have retained many similarities to those used by the traditional village blacksmith, although modern technology has improved the quality of the end pieces and speed of production. The malleability of heated metal makes it easy to be formed into ironwork that increases the aesthetics of a building. Steel stamps have been used from the beginning of ironwork production to identify the manufacturer or artisan.

Architectural ironwork is more than wrought iron fixtures and fittings. It includes any forged work where the metal is heated and worked into shape. It is not directly a part of the construction of a building but falls into the category of ornamentation. Steel stamps are used to mark relevant data on the finished works.

Wherever artistic appeal is important architectural forges works are used for their beauty and durability. Forged metal can be designed to incorporate both aesthetic appeal and strength with a tremendous load bearing capability. It can be custom created by skilled craftsmen or manufactured on a production line using molds. It adds to the value of any structure.

  • Balconies. A wrought iron balcony can create a spectacular effect to the interior or exterior of your home or office. It can add functionality or simply add a decorative accent.
  • Railings. Architectural ironwork can be used to create traditional or contemporary accents in a home or commercial building. Using various styles of spindles a necessary structure can add drama and aesthetic appeal to a building. Artisans that develop custom designs typically use steel stamps to imprint their signature on their work.
  • Stairs. Wrought iron adds a finishing touch to wood or spiral stairs and can be incorporated into a stair remodel. It instantly upgrades the value of a building regardless if the stairs are interior or exterior.
  • Gates. The first impression given by a private home or commercial building using a security wall or fence is the gate into the entrance. They are completely functional as added security while adding style and elegance.
  • Fences. The grounds of any building are transformed with a well-designed wrought iron fence. It adds privacy and discourages traffic where you don’t want it or from undesirable sources. Steel stamps are used on iron fences to identify the manufacturer.

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