Steel Stamps for Product Manufacturing

Steel stamps are used for making permanent marks on different types of materials. In the marking and engraving industry a stamp is also known as a printing block, a die, a stamper, a punch, a stencil or an embosser. The stamps are used to mark metal, leather, plastic, clay, wood, concrete and jewelry. They are also used in industrial applications.

Tool Steel to Mark All Materials

Product manufacturers are sometimes concerned that their products cannot be marked, but there are many types of tool steel available on the market that can handle even the most stringent situations. For example, companies that manufacture forged products have to deal with the issue of wear and tear on the stamp caused by the stress of constant high temperatures. Hot working steel stamps created from H-13 tool steel hold up particularly well under the high heat of forging. Other tool steels could lose their hardness levels under these conditions.

Steel stamps for metal are made from high grade steel such as A-2 tool steel – the most popular choice in the manufacturing industry since it handles most marking needs. High speed tools steels (M-2, M-4) are used for high volume metal marking. These are made from metal alloys with high carbide content and can be designed with raised images to leave an impression on a surface or with reverse characters for making molds.

Steel stamps for making impressions on leather are typically made from heat-treated tool steel to ensure maximum lifespan and durability. They are made either to serve in a clicker or press or to be used in conjunction with a mallet. Hand held stamps for wood products can also be struck with a mallet to leave a more refined impression that with a branding iron.

Clay and concrete stamps are fully customizable with your logo to leave a precise mark in soft materials such as potter’s clay, precious metal clay and wet cement. Jewelry stamps are also custom designed to create perfect marks every time using a mallet or ball hammer.

Steel stamps for marking plastic are created to use with a press or with a hand mallet, depending on the volume of use. Marking plastic can be tricky so special attention to detail is taken to ensure a clear, accurate impression on the product.

Quality and Expertise at Illinois Engraving

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