Steel Stamps for Sheet Metal Products

One of the strongest and most durable materials that can be cut or shaped with ease is sheet metal. It is used for electrical components due to its good conductivity and resistance to rust and corrosion. In the manufacturing of sheet metal objects and parts, steel stamps are used to imprint the name of the manufacturer as well as other pertinent information.

Products that are intended to be functional while adding aesthetic appeal to an environment depend on the quality afforded by high quality sheet metal. These products often include the companies brand logo as part of the artistic appearance. Custom steel stamps are used to brand a product line.

We see the products of the sheet metal manufacturing industry in consumer products everywhere. It can also be used in aesthetic design in construction. The exterior of New York City’s Chrysler Building is finished with sheets of stainless steel. It is made by forcing a red-hot block of metal between rollers to make it thinner. The sheets are stamped to form specific products.

Steel is the most common metal stamped, although gold and superalloys are stamped for use in the aerospace industry. There are hundreds steel types that used in sheet metal. Precision products require precision markings and that is where Illinois Engraving excels with superior steel stamps.
Other metals that can be made into sheet metal include:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Tin

Silver, gold and platinum are used to make decorative objects and jewelry. Custom steel stamps are made to imprint a design on metal jewelry.

One of the most easily recognized forms of sheet metal is stainless steel and it is manufactured in various grades. Certain grades contain properties conducive to forming for use in products such as kitchen sinks. Other grades are highly resistant to heat and corrosion. Illinois Engraving specializes in steel stamps for marking stainless steel items such as knives and surgical tools that are hardened after they are stamped.

Once your product is ready to roll off the assembly line you need identification that will last the lifetime of the product.  Illinois Engraving custom designs steel stamps that create impressions impossible to wear out or become faded.  Customers will be able to identify the product for as long as they own it. Please call us today at 1-800-528-2050 to order your custom steel stamps.