Steel Stamps Identification for Disposable Medical Supplies

The demand in the U.S. for disposable medical supplies is expected to grow at a rate of around 5% per year through 2011. Currently it is a $71 billion industry. The most popular products include prefilled syringes, dry powder inhalers, blood glucose test strips for diabetes monitoring, transdermal patches for drug delivery, daily contact lenses and tissue sealants for wound closure. Most of these items require precision markings made with steel stamps to correctly identify the source and specifics of the product.

Every aspect of the medical industry has moved to using disposable plastic components rather than risking passing infections and disease via instruments that are not correctly sterilized. Plastic forceps, wound drainage systems, speculums and other hygienic devices require marking with steel stamps.

As the number of treated patients increases the demand for disposable products are used in the following medical fields:

  • Urology
  • Gastro Entrology
  • Anesthesia
  • Gynecology and Pediatric
  • Transfusion and Blood Management
  • General Surgery

For a number of reasons there is increased incidence of nosocomial infections (infections as a result of treatment in a hospital or healthcare facility) secondary to the condition for which the patient was originally admitted. This has forced suppliers of medical products to look at alternative methods of manufacturing. Plastic disposable components have been the most effective solution to reducing the risk of infection. Industry expectations require specific information to be clearly identified and the precision available with the use of steel stamps has increased the marketability of these products.

There is also tremendous growth in the industry due to the rapid expansion of self-treatment and preventative measures taken by patients at home. Medical practitioners are leaning toward making the range of services available to home patients much more accessible and this is broadly supported by disposable medical supplies. Precision steel stamps are an integral part of the manufacturing process for these products.

This also applies to dental equipment. There will always be a varied market for products in the medical field that uphold the prevention of infection. Quality steel stamps increase the feasibility of disposable medical products.

Manufacturers of disposable medical equipment rely on excellent quality craftsmanship of the steel stamps they use to mark their products with unmistakably clear identification. Needless to say errors in usage of these products can be fatal so the steel stamps used to mark them must be impeccable.

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