Steel Stamps Made with the Finest Materials

There are many manufacturers of steel stamps. Unfortunately, many steel stamps are produced using materials where quality can differ widely and can be inferior.  As a professional, you have come to expect the tools of your trade to be carefully crafted using an excellent class of materials. When you order steel stamps from Illinois Engraving & Mfg. Co. you can have confidence that your budget is being spent wisely.

Our engravers are dedicated craftsmen and women who take great pleasure in producing quality steel stamps from quality materials. We utilize modern engraving technologies that provide you with steel stamps of a superior quality to those of our competitors.

Steel stamps produced by Illinois Engraving & Mfg. Co. are built strong to keep marking for a long life after steel stamps produced by other manufacturers have worn.  We use a monitored heat treatment for proper hardness and durability. Each stamp is manufactured to the highest standards you expect from your steel stamps manufacturer.

We manufacture steel stamps with quality tool steels such as O-1, A-2 and D-2 which are suitable for most marking needs. M-2 and M-4 high-speed steels for high volume marking, plus T-15 powered metal or carbide are also available if they are required.

Using top-quality materials to construct your steel stamps, results in reduced costs for your business.

We also carry a line of stock products. Our steel type and holders are made from the highest grades of tool steel available. They are hardened to provide maximum tool life. Whatever steel stamps you require, you are guaranteed the best product available, so call now to place your order with us today.